4 Stunning DIY Camera Filters For Your DSLR Camera

Photography is a very expensive habit. Even a non-expert would agree because the prices of gadgets and accessories for you to get that professional shot is skyrocketing. A photography blogger once mentioned it will take you around $600! Wow! That’s so much for a hobby. This is the reason why being innovative and resourceful will save you a lot of pennies and enjoy your hobby more. Necessity is the mother of invention, therefore in the absence of money, creativity strikes. Today this video will teach 4 great lens filters using common objects.


Star-Shaped or Heart-Shaped Bokeh Filter

Grab some cardboard and a pencil and start tracing your DSLR camera lens. Then using the center of the circle as a point of reference. Make equally parallel lines across. Then draw any shape that you want to appear on your photo filter. Cut the shape carefully. Cut the rest that you have traced with your scissors. After that, place your improvised lens filter on top of your camera lens. Using a rubber band or a hair tie, secure the cardboard and you are ready to take a shot.


Soften Effect Filter

You will only need some nylon stockings. Oops! Not your mommy’s new expensive stockings but an abused one will do. Use it before they head right to the garbage can. Estimate only the length of stocking that you will use. Then cut again, until you get one side of it. Using a rubber band, stretch evenly and secure it on top of the lens and take a shot.


Cross Filter

You’ll only need a strainer. Sounds funny but yes, a tea strainer that will perfectly fit your lens and head right away for that mesmerizing shot.


Color-Splashed Lens Filter

And finally, add some splash of rainbow hues to your photos by using only markers and a transparent cellophane or plastic. Just draw random horizontal lines using your marker on the transparent plastic. You can combine the colors that you like. Cut the plastic enough that you can still secure it with a rubber band around the rim of the lens. Voila! On the spot Photoshop express!



These filters are clearly helpful but are cheap to no cost at all, but your shots will definitely look professionally taken. Goodluck and be creative. Don’t forget to share your photos with us.

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