3 Home Remedies For Acne Scars

The first thing that people will notice is our face, of course! And while makeup can add to your natural beauty, clear skin helps boost your confidence as well. However, having clear skin may not be that easy. Like suddenly having acne which is a common skin problem. Instead of immediately shelling out for expensive acne treatments, you’ll be delighted to learn easy natural cures using only common ingredients found in your pantry. Try these 3 simple home remedies.


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  1. Coffee Grounds – Coffee grounds have been known to treat acne as it deeply exfoliates the skin. To make a natural coffee ground scrub (not instant coffee), after washing your face, mix coffee with virgin coconut oil or honey to make a paste. Scrub it in a circular motion all over your face. Leave it for a few minutes the rinse, You may also use this as a body scrub.




  1. Honey – Another natural moisturizer is honey. Simply massage a small amount of honey over your scars or dab a small amount on the scars with a q-tip and let its wonder do the magic. Use this treatment as often and for as long as you like.


  1. Lemon – The natural astringent properties of lemon work wonders for the acne prone skin. Simply dab lemon juice on the over scars with a q-tip and let it dry completely. Wash off with water after few minutes. You can use the juice undiluted or mixed with water if you have sensitive skin.



You’ll see the difference in just a few days. It feels good to walk out of your house confidently with no make-up. 😉

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