3 Clever Ways To Hide Things In Your Home

Do you have some valuables you want to hide from sneaky snoopers? Sometimes hiding them on an obvious, yet not-so-obvious place does the trick. In this video, you’ll learn three ways on how you can make a secret safe out of your household items.


1. Make a secret safe out of a tin can.
Use a can opener that can open a can from the sides, not from the top. Start opening the tin can, remove its content and wash it thoroughly.
Next, you will need a lid that is smaller in diameter than the tin can. Glue the two lids together, put a weight on top to keep them together and leave it to dry. Once all dried up, wrap the glued lids using an electrical tape until it fits perfectly in the can. Now you have your very own tin can secret safe.

2. Make a secret safe out of CD-Rom
Open the CD-Rom and remove everything that occupies space. If you want to make it look like it is still a real CD-Rom you can make the other parts smaller. Wear safety glasses when you are doing this to prevent sharp plastic or glasses from hurting your eyes. Glue back all the reduced parts and make sure you pay attention to details to make it look real and put it all back together.

3. Make a secret safe out of a wine bottle vase
First use a glass cutter or a glass drill to score a line in the bottle. Heat it up and cool it. Repeat until the bottle splits in two. Don’t forget to sand the edges inside. Get the wine cork and drill it on the middle and do the same thing with the can. Make sure the tin can is a bit smaller in diameter from the wine bottle. Put a screw on the cork and screw on a knot. Cover the cork with glue using a glue gun and push it inside of the head of the bottle. Add the can afterward and secure it with a knot. Once it is all dried up, unscrew the can and cover it with an electric tape.Make sure you put enough tape so it fits perfectly. Spray paint the bottle and when the paint dries up you can decorate it with yarn.


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