13 Quick And Easy Ways To Wear An Infinity Scarf

The infinity scarf is a must-have fashion accessory for every woman! It is comfortable, easy-to-wear, stylish and very versatile. You can also choose from a variety of colors, designs, styles, and type of fabric. They are perfect for the winter season, and they never go out of style even during summer.

In this quick video, you’ll learn several unique ways on how to wear an infinity scarf.


Ways to Wear An Infinity Scarf:

  • Classic loop Style
  • Single Loop Style
  • Shaw Style
  • Double Loop Style
  • Twist Style
  • Cardigan Style
  • Halter Style
  • Hooded Style
  • Hooded and Scarf Style
  • Hood and Capelet Style
  • Capelet Style
  • Belted Shawl

This tutorial was brought to you by Henkaa, a women’s apparel store that offers convertible garment and accessories that include the infinity scarf. Henkaa’s infinity scarves are made of luxurious bamboo-rayon or organic cotton. They are very lightweight and super-soft — definitely a good buy!


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