11 Life Saving Hair Hacks

Aside from our faces, our hair is the first thing people will notice. Let’s face it – you won’t just wake up and have that perfectly styled-looking hair, it takes good maintenance, and yes, it may mean you have to pay for it. Bad hair will always come and ruin every girl’s day and stars don’t always align for us. But hey, there’s still hope. These 11 super easy money saving hair hacks, will surely fix your many hair issues and save your day. That’s fine, thank me later.



1. Worry No More – when on the go, especially when travelling, wrap your hair tool in an oven mitten simply because you don’t want to get it damaged.


hairhack 1


2. Frizzy Hair – instead of trying to fix it for the day, embrace and flaunt it. Gather all your hair and instead of a tight bun, make a loose one out of it, then tie a little rubber band around it. Thanks to your frizzy hair, it’ll create a nice fluffy adorable messy bun. Embrace your frizzy hair!



3. Baking Soda – product build-up is real and even when shampooing regularly will not rinse and get it all out. So once a week, add a little baking soda on your shampoo and mix it up. Massage on your scalp and immediately feel the difference.





4. Double The Length Of Your Hair Without Extensions – To make your hair look longer and fuller, all you gotta do is divide your hair into two, top and bottom part. Tie the first top half of your hair into a ponytail, then take the remaining bottom part of your hair to form a second ponytail. Make sure it’s closer to the head so that it is hiding under the first top half . This works best for hair with little or no layers or curled hair.



5. Clean Your Brush – Need to say no more, it is important to clean your hairbrush because product build up can cause problems in your scalp. Start with using the end of a rat-tail comb and remove those hairs from the comb. Then use rubbing alcohol to clean those build up. Lastly, go the extra mile and use sanitizer to kill those germs.



6. Boring Straight Hair – when straightening hair, the trick is, take the flat iron at the roots of your hair and straight up into the air instead of pulling it down. Be amazed and see that straight hair but still has the volume at the top.



7. Fake Braid – for those who have thin hair or for those who’s having a hard time trying to figure out that Pinterest side-braid you’re jealous to try. Here’s how to do it – First make a side ponytail, then split your hair front to back, then tie a little ponytail in the front one and create a hole, pull the back ponytail through the hole and do the exact same thing until all remainder hair are all tied up. When finished, place an elastic band around the end of the braid. The key is pulling the ponytail apart, that’ll give you the looks of having a massive amount of hair. My favorite, so far!



8. Dry Shampoo – let me tell you some things about dry shampoos that you need to know. First, it can be your best friend. Second, if your hair is lifeless, just spray dry shampoo, go to bed and wake up with the most texture and volume hair volume you’re ever dreamed of. Next, once you spray dry shampoo, let it sit there for like 10 seconds to absorb the oil in your hair. Accidentally put way too much of dry shampoo? Don’t panic. Don’t brush it out, and just blow dry immediately.



9. Clean Your Hair Tool – if your hair tool is no longer giving you that glossy curls or is no longer working the way it should be, then try this – after turning it off, when it’s still kinda warm, take a little bit of alcohol and clean the ceramic area. Your hair tool will work at its best ability.


hairhack 4


10. Fishtail Braid – if we are on the same page and can’t grasp the concept of doing a fishtail braid, do this hack with me. Create a side ponytail or wherever you want it to be, then part hair in half and flip the ponytail through, repeat all the way down. You may flip it forward or backwards, it really doesn’t matter. Lastly, stretch a little bit and we have a fake fishtail braid.



11. Baby Hair – this is the story of my life and I know some of you too.
Spray an old toothbrush or a new one with a little bit of hairspray and run it over those pesky flyaway strands or tie down those baby hairs. It’ll perfectly hold your hair in place.



With all these hacks, you shouldn’t be worried now with having a bad hair day. So get up and flaunt that hair 🙂


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