10 Tricks With Liquids You Can Use To Amaze Your Friends


When you think science, we can all agree that it’s friggin awesome! In this video, you’ll discover some nifty experiments using liquids. You can surprise your family and friends with these amazing new tricks involving liquid substances such as honey, dark corn syrup, dishwashing liquid and more!

Here are the 10 fun things you can do with liquids and the materials you’ll need. Check out the video for the instructions on how to perform each trick.

1.Slow motion ball.

Materials: Thick liquid, preferably honey, a heavy ball, and a container shape like a sphere.

2. Water fire starter.

Materials: Plastic or glass container with a curved surface and two sheets of paper.

3. No leak magic bag

Materials: You need pencils, zipper storage bag, and water.

4. Liquid stacking

Materials: A tall glass or bottle, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, vegetable oil water, food coloring and dark corn syrup.

5. Invisible bottle

Materials: You need glycerin, a glass and a bottle that will fit in the glass.

6. Dancing liquid

Materials: Powered speaker, a tone generator, water, corn starch, and plastic to protect the speaker.

7. Magic water barrier

Materials: You need 2 glasses of the same kind. Hot water, cold water, a thin piece of plastic or cardboard and food coloring.

8. Leidenfrost effect

Materials: You need a pan, stove and water.

9. Reverse illusion

Materials: Any type of images or written words on a paper and a glass.

10.Reversing liquid

Materials: You need 1 big glass, 3 mixing glasses, corn syrup, pipettes, food coloring, clips and 1 smaller glass

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