10 Easy Nail Art Designs For Newbies

Say goodbye to the plain and boring nail polish colors and say hello to the crazy new trend among nail aficionados, nail arts! It’s a viral topic and most of us, especially girls, wanted to try this nail trend. However, nail art designs may cost you an extra penny. If you are a beginner, don’t frown because, with the help of the internet, you can always find ways.


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Here is a DIY video especially dedicated to beginners. This video is a compilation of 10 easy and simple step by step tutorial on how to a nail art design all by yourself. Sounds challenging huh? So let’s get started.

Before we proceed it’s a rule of the thumb to protect your nails with a base coat and to also help your manicure last longer. You also bear in mind to always put fast-drying top coat to seal every nail art design and to also help it last longer.

1. The first design is inspired by geometrical patterns. Start with the neutral base color. And then, grab your favorite bright color. Use a thinner brush to draw different geometric patterns such as a triangle. Use different colors and overlap the lines. You don’t have to perfect it because the aim is to be funky and artistic. Overlap lines for a multi-dimensional look.Seal in the design by using fast drying top coat and you’re done.


2. The second is a delicate heart pattern. You should start with a base color (the tutorial uses dusty rose polish). Get a tiny dotting tool or you can improvise by using a toothpick if don’t have one. Dip into some white nail polish and place the tool down to the nail to make a dot and carefully drag the dotting tool down to make half of the heart shape. Do the same to the other side and drag inwards to make a tiny heart. Seal with a fast drying top coat and you’re set.


3. Next is an elegant design perfect for dressy occasions. To start with get a glitter polish for your base coat. Once the base coat dries, grab a solid nail polish color and top coat it just below the glitter. The aim is to make the glitter polish peeking out from the second coat. You should follow the natural curve of your cuticle then fill in the nail with the solid color. Double coat if needed to hide all the glitters. Seal with top coat.


4. Next is the fun tribal design. Start with applying the base color (tutorial uses light purple polish). Next, grab a contrasting color and paint 2 messy triangles on the nails. Use black nail polish to roughly outline the triangle. Don’t worry if it’s quite messy because you want this to look textured. Use white polish to add another small triangle in the center. And add one last tiny line of black. Seal with top coat.


5. Next in line is a minimal floral design. For this design, you don’t have to add colored polish just use your plain base coat. Grab a pastel colored polish and draw a petal of a flower on the upper corner of your nail. Grab another color of nail polish and start drawing on the other corner of the nail. Finish with some little dots on the center and then apply the top coat.


6. The sixth design is such a lovely and very safe especially for a newbie. If you doubt that the other designs are hard to achieve, using a metallic striping tape won’t fail you. Start by painting a solid color and let it dry. Use a metallic tape to break the monotony of a plain color. Cut the needed length of striping tape. Design as preferred or just tape it in a parallel line. Top coat and you now have a gorgeous and classy nails.


7. Next is an easy floral design. Begin with a dark polish. Grab a lighter shade of polish and use the brush to paint petals on the corner of your nail. Grab a lighter shade than your first layer of petal and draw the second layer of petals. Shift the direction of the petals and make it look smaller. Finish with some dots on the center and top coat.


8. The eight is an easy and colorful dot design. Star with neutral base color. Get your dotting tool, shifting from small to large pin
Start with the large end of the dotting tool and make one white dot. For the first layer grab a smaller dotting tool and a solid color nail polish. Start dotting around the big white one in the center. For your second layer, get another smaller dotting tool and another nail polish color. Start dotting around. For the third layer, switch to another smaller dotting tool than the previous one and also another nail color. Start dotting the third layer and you should end up making a simple boho flower. Seal in the design with a top coat and you are ready to rock!


9. Another dot-themed design is next on the line. Start with a soft color base like a rosy nail polish color. Grab a black polish. Paint one corner of the nail making a filled triangle. Make 3 rows of white dot on the half side of the nail. Spacing each row in between the last. Finish with top coat and you’re good to get fab.


10. The last design is so popular. It’s a fun rainbow galaxy using sharpies. In this video, you will learn how to create a marble-like effect. Start with 2 coats of an opaque glitter polish and allow it to completely dry. Grab the sharpies and start to randomly scribble on your nail. Dip the paintbrush liner into some isopropyl alcohol and start blending the sharpies altogether. Isopropyl alcohol is an excellent color blender. Give the galaxy some life by adding stars on top. Use a white nail polish and a liner brush. Never ever forget to seal the design with a fast drying coat.



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