These 10 Cats Love To Snuggle

Lets face it, cats have burrowed their way into our homes as one of the most loved pets to ever exist. I mean, come on, they practically own the internet too. One might suggest that the reason behind their overthrow of society is that they can be deceptively cuddly.

credits:10 Cats.

Cats tend to rub against their owners’ body not only to show affection but also to mark you as their own. In addition to that, cats do love to snuggle with their mates, and they learn to trust them just like how they trust their slaves/owners. They can easily bond with other cats like they do to their master.

Domestic cat breeds are very playful, active and very affectionate. Studies show that mental and behavioral changes take place during the first few weeks of a cat’s life. Young felines need to depend on their mother for nursing. By the time the mother spends more time away from her babies, the kittens start looking for other relationships somewhere else. This is the time when they start to see their siblings or other friends as other than something to climb over and cuddle.


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