10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Coca Cola

Let’s be honest, though Coca-cola is known as the most popular soda brand around the world, many studies have already confirmed it’s harmful effects on the human body. But, today we are not going to talk about the negative impact of the soda pop’s high-sugary content and possibly harmful additives in our overall health.

It may sound strange, but this famous tasty beverage is now utilized to help solve a number of households dilemmas and even beauty problems. Yeah! You heard it right! Many swear on the effectiveness of Coke. It turns out, some of the ingredients of Coke that can be bad for human consumption can do wonders in gardening, cleaning, pain relief and more! Watch the video below and find out more about these amazing uses.


1. Pesticide
It’s way cheaper to buy Coke than to purchase pesticide brands which are ten times more expensive in third world countries such as India. That explains why the popular soda is now being used as an effective alternative to fighting pests in farm crops. Although it was told in the video that the high-level of sugar is what makes it an efficient pesticide, according to the Center for Science and Environment (CSE), soda drinks including Pepsi were found to contain high levels of pesticide residues that are also found in cleaning products, which can be very harmful for human consumption.

2. Remove Gum Off Your Hair
Skip the scissors or the unexpected haircut! Coca-cola might be your effective gum removal solution that can save you from cutting those precious locks. It’s a way cheaper alternative than visiting the salon to get an unplanned haircut. The high-acidity destroys the Keratin of your hair and weakens them while the gum hardens. You’ll be surprised to know how easy it is to remove it without damaging your hair too much. Simply soak the affected area in a glass of Coca-cola. Let it sit for a few minutes and comb your hair after.

3. Hair Color Fader

If you recently had your hair dyed but it ended up darker than the shade you preferred, try this hack. Again, thanks for the acidity of the drink which helps dissolve and weaken the dye or hair color. Simply wash your hair with coca cola. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse completely.

4. Insect Bites Remedy
Insect bites from bees and mosquitoes can be very itchy and sometimes painful. The chemical compound present in Coca-cola can help reduce the itchiness and stinging sensation of the bitten part. It can help speed up the healing process too! To use, simply pour the soda pop onto the affected area.

5. Effective For Dishwashing
Coca-Cola’s high-acidity is proven to help dissolve the hard-to-remove burnt residue that sticks to your cookware. This lifehack is a great remedy to help save you time from scrubbing and cleaning those grimy utensils thoroughly. Just pour a good amount of cola into the pan. Let it sit for a few minutes and scrub as usual.

6. Jellyfish Sting Relief

Jellyfish stings are quite a common problem when you go swimming in the ocean. Although it’s quite rare that jellyfish venom can be lethal, the stinging feeling can be very uncomfortable. It can even cause irritating red marks to appear on your skin. A cheap and quick-relief treatment is to pour the soft drink, onto the affected part.

7. Great For Curling Hair
If your hair is naturally curly or prone to curling, one of the best treatment to bring out its natural waves is to use Coca-cola. The phosphoric acid present in Coke makes it an effective acidic solution to tighten the cuticles of the hair. This ingredient helps smoothen and naturally enhance your curls. You simply wash your hair with the soda drink and massage evenly. Let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes and then shampoo after. Be careful not to exceed the recommended time so as to prevent hair from drying.

8. Get Rid Of Gasoline Smell Off Your Clothes
The smell of spilled fuel on your clothing is often hard to get rid off. One cheap and quick remedy to thoroughly remove these gasoline odors is to add a can of coke to your wash.

9. Rusty Coin Cleaner
Do you have old rusty coins that are already barely unrecognizable? Spruce them up by soaking them in a glass of Coca-cola. Let it sit for 15-24 hours and wipe clean after. The soda’s acidic compounds help removed tarnishes in pennies, making them look shiny and new again.

10. Toilet Cleaner
Coca-Cola’s caustic quality makes it a useful solution in lessening and even removing unsightly stains and build up in your toilet bowl. Best of all, this beverage cost cheaper and is way safer than most cleaning detergents. To use, just pour the tasty beverage in a toilet bowl. Let it stand for an hour or more and scrub like usual.


Got more Coca-cola lifehacks? Feel free to share them by leaving your comments below.

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